About Me

My name is Cynthia Cleaver. Christian. Married 33 years to my sweetheart. Mother of three grown children. Certified weather spotter.

Above is a profile that would fit on my twitter profile or my Facebook profile. Short, sweet. Just the facts. Cold. I’ll start again. This time with more detail.

My name is Cynthia Cleaver. I was born several decades ago in the back seat of my grandparents car, during a blizzard/ice storm. My mother’s doctor had told her that it was okay for her to spend some time up north. She was seven and a half months along in her pregnancy. Well, sometimes storms can trigger a delivery. At any rate, they made as mad a dash to the hospital 20 miles in Rogers City, Michigan, as they could. My grandfather was used to driving in bad weather. My mother said I came out quickly, and started breathing right away. No spanking needed. I was five pounds and spent the first two weeks of my life in an incubator.

I was raised in a Christian home. That is my parents were Christians and they took themselves and us kids to church every Sunday. I became a Christian believer myself when I was 9 years old.