In the Middle of a Pandemic

Many politicians are accusing other politicians of abject heartlessness in the middle of the pandemic.

Let’s face it: We are in the middle of a pandemic. In Michigan, we are in the eye of the hurricane. Our numbers are relatively low, although they are ticking back up due in part to congregating in schools and colleges. A few weeks ago, gyms starting opening up to reduced numbers. This week, theaters will open up. Also to limited capacity. We are likely to slow down again.

The real question is: What are we, the people, doing in the middle of the pandemic? And furthermore, do you have any plans for after the pandemic?

It’s been a great summer of weather in Michigan. Many people got out to visit nature, go to the park, go to outside events. Many in our community have taken advantage of the opportunity to visit family and friends.

In our household, we are quite careful and we avoid meeting with others in public places due to my husband’s cancer, which results in immune compromise. I also don’t want to come down with the virus. We wear masks whenever we will be in public with other people. We stay home most of the time. I am able to work from home most of the time.

This summer we were able to go fishing. We stayed at a remote cabin for a weekend. We watched TV and movies. In July our church started having a mask mandatory service, which helped us be more comfortable going to church. This fall our church will have a variety of opportunities for fellowship and service. We have signed up for a virtual hub (class), which will be by Zoom.

I’ve also felt a sense of inertia, boredom, and isolation. It seems like we are stuck. In our household, we don’t feel free to go to restaurants, to wander stores, go to movies. This just goes on and on. It seems endless. But the pandemic will end, with a vaccine and improved therapeutic treatment. In our marriage, we’ve had several lengthy periods of isolation and slowed activities due to health issues. I’ve found that it helps to make plans, however small, for the future.

So last week, I ordered crocuses. They will come up after the pandemic. Maybe I’ll get some tulips, too.

We rearranged our furniture in the living room so that my husband can put up the Christmas Tree. Christmas is his thing.

I am planning to go to two virtual writing conferences this fall for the sheer encouragement as I write my novel.

I’m thinking about perhaps getting some Christmas decorations for outside of the condo.

What are you doing in the middle of the pandemic? Are you making any plans for after the pandemic? Or even something in the next few months to look forward to?

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